I think censorship divides a divided people even further; very rarely do people hate or fear one another when they truly understand each other. It is in that spirit that I have assembled this information.

The intention of this page is not to convince anyone to avoid vaccines. Previous vaccine technologies have helped rid the world of much sickness and disease. This one appears to be different. We all know what the televised narrative is. This is the censored one...

Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH - Professor of Medicine and Vice Chief of Internal Medicine @ Baylor University Medical Center Dallas, TX

Is Ivermectin a 100% cure for COVID-19? This is powerful corroborating evidence for Dr. Peter McCullough's testimony above.

Dr. John Campbell Ivermectin in India, Prophylactic role of ivermectin in SARS-CoV-2 infection among healthcare workers.

Using the PCR test to determine infection IS THE FRAUD. Dr. Kary Mullis invented the PCR process and was awarded a nobel prize in chemistry in 1993 for his part in this acheivment. Here, the inventor of PCR explains how it can "find almost anything in anybody" and that "you can amplify one single molecule up to something that you can measure". Look into what CT values in PCR actually mean and at what point they become meaningless...

Former Pfizer VP and Virologist, Dr. Michael Yeadon, is one of the most credentialed medical professionals speaking out about the dangers of the Covid19 vaccines today. I dislike Bannon as much as you, but I still care about what his guest has to say.

Clips from the Senate Committee regarding Covid Vaccine adverse reactions and death.

Something very concerning is occurring. The number of people harmed by this vaccine is not trivial, nor is the severity of the the harm inflicted.

Here is evidence that the number of actual covid cases and deaths has been grossly exaggerated. This is not an isolated case either - this was done in many states.

the CDC has stopped monitoring new, "breakthrough" cases in those who have already been fully vaccinated UNLESS they are hospitalized or die. "Some health departments may continue to report all vaccine breakthrough cases to the national database and can continue to submit specimens to CDC for sequencing. However, CDC will focus its monitoring on reported hospitalized and fatal cases." It sems that they were very liberal in determining who has Covid and who died from it, but reluctant to acknowledge Covid in a vaccinated individual unless they die or are hospitalized. I wonder what the Covid numbers would have been if they had only used PCR on people sick enough to be in the hospital or to die from it?

"During the second week in January, 23 people tested positive for the flu in the United States. More than 14,657 tested positive for the flu during the same time last year, before the coronavirus pandemic took hold." Did the Flu really go on a vacation this year or do you think maybe these numbers were rolled in with Covid? Has this EVER happend before? Does any of this seem at least a little odd?

Here's a leaked copy of Pfizers contract with Albania -"Purchaser acknowledges...the long-term effects and efficacy of the Vaccine are not currently known and that there may be adverse effects of the Vaccine that are not currently known."

Now, Israel's Jerusalem Post is reporting that "It is beginning to become clear that vaccine immunity begins to wane after about six months. The Israeli study showed that for people vaccinated more than six months ago, the effectiveness of the vaccine at stopping coronavirus dropped to as low as 16%."

This does not inspire one to trust - $4.7 BILLION in fines imposed on Pfizer in just the last 20 years for false claims acts, off-label or unapproved promotions, foreign corrupt practices, with over $103 million for "drug or medical equipment safety violations" and over $34 million for "kickbacks and bribery."

Let Joe Biden and Kamala Harris explain their vaccine hesitancy. Politics or Science? Trust Pfizer, but not Trump? as if he had anything to do with this vaccine.

National Institute of Health, National Library of Medicine: By law, you should have been told, but were not. Antibody Dependent Enhancement - "Informed consent disclosure to vaccine trial subjects of risk of COVID-19 vaccines worsening clinical disease". I think that this is the reason that Moderna vaccines were not approved after trying for over 10 years.