All the world is a stage and right now, there's a shit show going on. I think that free speech is one of the most funamental rights free beings can have. Without freedom of speech, you are not really free and when social media platforms become an integral part of our daily lives, it might be worth demanding that they do not violate this fundamental principle. Also, labeling someone else's speech as hate speech and trying to ban it by claiming it hurts someone's feelings is just censorship by another method.

Honestly, people should be able to say whatever stupid shit they want. Listen to this idiot claim that all white people are racist .... and demons. It's quite hilarious. Why doesn't it offend me? These kinds of things were said about the Jews in the 1930's in Germany and we know where that led. So, do I have the right to shut this down?
Reddit is perhaps one of the worst offenders when it comes to censoring content. They are HUGELY left leaning and they help gatekeep much information from the public by hiding it in echo-chambers called subreddits. This is perhaps one of the best subreddits for the nonsense that is going on with the socialist revoution that is taking place all across 'Merica. This links to an up-to-the-minute index of people losing it for one reason or another. It's generally pretty entertaining - if you can handle a bit of violence. Be aware that there is a lot of attacks on innocent people and they can be hard to watch. As we descend into the future, this will be a great place to watch the maddness. sprung up because of the censoring occuring on Reddit. It's pretty much a clone of Reddit in it's functionality and you can find many of the same spaces that you find on Reddit, just without the censorship. It follows a similar structure as Reddit; - you just won't find that on Reddit.
This site has become known as a hotbed of alt-right, racist content... and unfortunately that's largely true, but not because censors the left. It's due to the fact that most of the polular social media outlets are owned and operated by the progressive left and they have worked to censor the right. With channels banned by, like Prager U, anyone interested in seeking a better understanding of the world around them can hear people offer non-strawman versions of their actual views. Freedom of speech is incredibly valuable - no matter what your political orientation.
UPDATE 9-14-2020: Bitchute recently began banning videos that contain death. I'm not really into watching death videos, BUT sometimes the talking heads on the tv are telling you something happened and the video will often times prove otherwise. This is probably the reason these videos are hidden. Recently, we were told that the police shot and killed an unarmed teenager. Bitchute banned the video showing that was not the case. will host these videos as well as just about anything else. Beware! - that links to some very controversial content. Personally, I no longer gather data to prove a point. I'm very curious in all information and nothing offends me. I would like to know why someone thinks a certain way. Every wonder why some people could doubt the Holocaust? This place would show you. I'm sure there are videos with alternative ideas about what happened on 9/11 too. The truth is a very difficult thing to pin down and many times a lie might serve humanity better....
This is a new site that appears to host almost exclusively alternative views. It was attacked with denial of service attacks when it first opened up, so it must be pissing off some people. I haven't spent much time here, but I'm including it to help counter the official narrative. When I'm looking for a particular video or an interview, I check everywhere I can think of and this place is one of them. is a controversial streaming platform that also minimally censors. It is the largest streaming platform that runs on Blockchain technology. This place is filled with random channels of all kinds and allows content that has been banned elsewhere.
This is a fairly popular site for people to post thuggin' and brawlin' videos among other ridiculousness. If you want actual gangster rap, this is where you'll find it. This is where you could get a peak into the lives of BLM activists before they started rioting in the streets.
Vimeo is not necessarly a bastion for freedom of speech, but they do not censor as quickly as some of the other sites. Since it's not known for alternative views, it's probably a more acceptable platform for people uncomfortable with the extremity encountered on other streaming platforms like Bitchute.